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Preschool is an educational and learning space designed to educate children aged 3 to 4 years. Preschool trains children in a way that is the best way for them. Preschool is also known as playschool, where professionally trained adults help children to enhance their communication skills. Inglenook Children’s nursery is the leading Preschool nursery in Stirchley. We provide preschool education to children for their emotional, social and personal growth. Here we are going to mention some different reasons why you should choose Inglenook Children’s Nursery for your child.

Both academic and social developments are focused at Our Preschool.

Our Preschool Nursery in Stirchley offers a wide variety of activities and games. It helps your child to acquire academic and social skills. Inglenook polishes the academic growth of your child and develops his intellect. Our teachers and staff build a close personal connection with every child.

Inglenook provides an opportunity for growth.

Preschool helps your child in seeing the outside world and is the platform for social interaction. Keeping this in mind, we provide the top educated teachers. They will spend their time with your child and keep a record of each child’s performance and activities. Interaction with parents will be conducted on a timely basis. Our Preschool Nursery in Stirchley consists of a large activity room where your child will be adequately cared for.

We will help your children to find answers to their numerous questions.

This is the fact that as a child grows, they start asking some wonderful questions about the things happening around them. Like, “how does a fan works? Where does the water go after rain? Do birds sing?” They have a lot of questions that you, as a parent, could get confused about when trying to answer. Our Preschool Nursery in Stirchley will help you to make your job easier. We will teach your child to find their answers virtually..

They will learn their letters and numbers in preschool

Inglenook Preschool Nursery in Stirchley helps your child to learn different skills. We will provide education to the children in a fun way by playing games with them. Counting numbers and pronouncing alphabets are some of the skills that your child develops. Preschool does not let kids sit down and teach them because this will be wrong teaching.

Inglenook preschool will prepare children for future challenges.

Our Preschool Nursery in Stirchley provides a high-quality childhood education. It offers both pre-math and pre-literacy skills. We will teach your child discipline and manners. Here, they will learn how to share and follow instructions. Such social interaction is the way towards developing fine manners. This will help your child in the future when they start their schooling.

Inglenook Preschool Nursery in Stirchley is divided into various areas, including the imaginative area, computer area, and outdoor play area for educational learning. It is the best choice for parents as your child can empathize and interact successfully with their peer group. We also help them to relate easily to adults.

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