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The gradual inflation and rapid increase in the cost of living, is forcing young parents to work together to have a decent lifestyle. Thus the concept of the single bread earner is getting outdated hastily. As both husband and wife are working together it creates strain on the knitted family fabric, and new and young mothers are suffering the worst. A child's overall development depends on the care and learning in his early days. Thus it's important to send a child to Pre School nursery in Selly Park for overall learning and development.

Most Pre School nursery in Selly Park remains functioning from 9.00 am to 3 pm but Inglenook Children's Nursery operates from 7.00 am to 6.00 pm. We have become a pillar of support to working mothers. Besides, the child gets a safe and healthy environment to develop a healthy personality which is very much essential at this time.

Confidence and Knowledge

It is a proven fact that children who attain Pre School nursery in Selly Park behave better as a whole. As in Inglenook Children's Nursery, we let the young mind explore the world and surroundings through communication and games which prepare them to face the world with confidence and knowledge. Through the process of playing and digital learning, they get to learn new alphabets, numerics. As they get exposed to another child they start to learn the importance of sharing and teamwork which helps them to develop their moral value.

Unlike other Pre School nurseries in Selly Park, we focus on each child separately as we believe every child is special and needs extra care. We focus them to learn the basics of classrooms rules, how to behave with their classmates, how to take care of themselves and maintain basic hygiene and most essentially teach them what is good touch or bad touch. Apart from these, we have brought cutting edge technologies into the classroom which will help them to learn and understand better.

It's a popular belief that a child grows better in the home within parental care, but research has proved that besides parental care a healthy environment with the same age groups helps in cognitive development. Moreover, daycare like us provides structured learning using the help of technology which makes each child smart and well equipped. It is only through proper selection of a Pre School nursery in Selly Park that you can prepare your child for the future. Our team is available for a free consultation.

Professional Staff

Most of the Pre School nursery in Selly Park consists of several skilled staff but all our staff in Inglenook Children's Nursery, are specially trained in childcare and allowed to provide the hygienic pediatric facility. We believe in healthy and simple living so we take extra care in preparing homemade food for your toddlers which consists of all necessary nutrients which a child requires for early day development.

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