Children’s Nursery in Birmingham following EYFS Curriculum and Guidelines

Date:14 Jan 2022

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is the guidelines developed by Ofsted. Children’s nurseries in Birmingham, and other early years’ service providers that are registered under EYFS need to follow the guidelines set by EYFS to help children in their learning, development, and care. 

Inglenook Children’s Nursery, Selly Park, Birmingham is one such place that is dedicated to providing a safe and stimulating environment to promote a child’s inquisitive mind and assist with their development. The qualified and experienced staff at the children’s nursery in Birmingham follow guidelines set by EYFS.

Areas Of Learning We Promote at Inglenook Children’s Nursery, Birmingham

  • Physical Development

  • Communication And Language

  • Expressive Arts and Design

  • Literacy

  • Mathematics

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Understanding The World

How Inglenook is may differ to other Children’s Nursery in Birmingham

Childcare requires a dedication towards all children, and we put in every effort to ensuring we provide all children with an environment that helps their ever-inquisitive minds flourish. We are a preferred choice when it comes to choosing a children’s nursery in Birmingham

  • Dedicated And Personalised Care

The staff at our children’s nursery in Birmingham offer dedicated and personalised care for young children. We understand that each child is different, and they have different requirements. We cater to them accordingly and meet their requirements.

  • Separate Rooms for Children of Different Age Groups

We have separate rooms at the children’s nursery in Birmingham, which are dedicated to different age groups. All rooms are spacious and are designed in a way to meet the exploring side of children of their age. We provide age-appropriate resources to help them learn while playing. 

  • Enhancing Communication and Language Skills

Communication & language is an important aspect of the EYFS. Hence, we conduct activities that help communication with their carers and peers. Singing nursery rhymes, reading books, and storytelling are some of the activities that we conduct at the children’s nursery in Birmingham among children of different age groups, help them to learn and communicate better.

  • Promoting Critical Thinking Among Children

We understand that mathematics is important at every stage of life. We conduct fun numbers games and use our interactive touch screen to help them learn numbers in a fun and exciting way. The idea behind each one these activities is to help them get into the habit of simple calculations and implementing the same in their daily lives.

The Bottom Line

Inglenook Children’s Nursery takes every necessary step to bring out the explorer in the children at the nursery. We have dedicated carers who spend quality time with the children and help them spend their time cheerfully at the nursery. If you are looking for a dedicated children’s nursery in Birmingham, then please get in touch with us.

You may also book a visit to the nursery to meet our staff, check out the premises and also get a better understanding of who we are and what we do. 

Contact us to know more.

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