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Childhood is the early foundation years for the growth of a child. These are the years when significant roles and aims can be set in a child’s mind, and he can have a better perseverant in life. The Children nurseries in Kings Heath help in the proper pathway pavement and aids in a better child development for better understanding of society. At Inglenook, we have trained caretakers to help your little one keep all his steps on a stable platform. Here are the key focused areas where we work:

Understanding the World

When a child steps into the nurseries in Kings Heath, his first big change is meeting new people outside the home. Here, our teachers help your child explore and observe the new surroundings and develop an understanding of the people around them. It may be a first time experience for many, and here our caregivers held their hand to make the child comfortable thoroughly.

Communication and Language

The following new change for your child is the language and communication techniques. It’s no more about communicating with your own parents, but now your baby needs to interact with the teachers and his peers’ group. The Children nurseries in Kings Heath focuses on developing the confidence in the child by listening and encouraging his skills. We also offer them a range of situations to speak and express.

Expressive Art And Designs

We always mix learning with play. At Inglenook, we believe that teaching could be more effective if combined with arts and designs. So we help the child with fine arts sessions and push him towards creativity work so that he starts with imagination and learns through the same platform. All the nurseries in Kings Heath now focus on artwork and co-curricular activities rather than conventional teaching.

Physical Development

The next important thing on our agenda is to make your child realize the importance of good health and physical activity. We expose them to various methods of active exercising through dance and games. Our outdoor play area is well-equipped with children’s games and play materials that instigate him to actively participate in contests, sports and interact with his friends.

Literacy & Mathematics

Space, measure, counting and familiarity with numbers are a crucial part of our learning process. Just like other good Children nurseries in Kings Heath, we have it as an introductory course syllabus, and we help your child develop a sound knowledge about numbers and other calculative learning. We have tools and fun play devices for the purpose that makes number learning a fun game. The knowledge of alphabets, sounds and letters is also introduced to the child through innovative reading materials.

Social Development

All appreciate a child with good manners and polite behaviour. We at Inglenook believe in developing such qualities in your child to make him a better human being. The good nurseries in Kings Heath always focus on an overall development in the child rather than just the academic knowledge.

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