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Inglenook Children’s Nursery is one of the best among all nurseries for Childcare in Selly Park. The nursery has been providing childcare services since before 2000. It is situated in main Pershore Road. Inglenook is based in an old home blessed with an airy environment, large plan rooms full of lights, and outdoor space.

Choosing a proper childcare for children is an important. Inglenook nursery is a great option to choose by every parent for their child as Inglenook nursery is the topmost nursery for Childcare in Selly Park. Inglenook provides a good and safe environment for your children. We have qualified members who support proper care taking of your little ones. They are working with us for quite a long time. We have all the essential qualities of a good childcare discussed in detail below.

Positive Atmosphere

Positivity is a subjective measurement. Our nursery is the foremost nursery for Childcare in Selly Park and includes a productive atmosphere for your children. Staff and members are very well behaved as well as experienced. The surrounding of our nursery is so vibrant. The place is colourful, upbeat, and full of fun so that your child gets a proper space for their growth and development.

Safety and Cleanliness

Your child’s safety is our priority. All our staff is well qualified and hold basic food hygiene and medical certificates. We provide freshly cooked nutritious meals considering all the hygiene and safety for your child. This quality makes our nursery an excellent choice for Childcare in Selly Park.

Wonderful Environment

We have a wonderful environment for babies of 3 months to pre-school kids Up to 5 years of age. Inglenook provides a proper space for your child to play, learn and explore. We have a different key person appointed individually for every child who interacts with parents on a timely basis and plays an important role in your child’s development. We provide a proper amount of attention to each child.

Proper and Highly Trained Staff

One of the reasons for being the top nursery for Childcare in Selly Park is the highly trained staff. Our team is a fully qualified practitioner with many supporting relevant qualifications. We have quality childcare staff with proper training. We help your child in getting familiar with numbers, alphabets, and colours. We arrange daily fun activities for babies to get more comfortable with the place and people.

Proper and Open Communication with Parents and Children

Inglenook nursery for Childcare in Selly Park aims to become the renowned nursery of choice expanding day by day all over the area with happy parents, children, and staff. We keep a proper record of every child and discuss the matters with their parents on a timely basis. Our team and caregivers communicate with parents and provide an honest review and open feedback as well. We are proactive with communications, so rather than waiting for you, we will reach out to you with any issues that arise.

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