Advantages of A Preschool Nursery in Selly Oak

Date:04 Oct 2022

A preschool often referred to as a nursery school, pre-primary school, playschool, or kindergarten, is a type of educational facility or learning environment that provides early childhood education to children before they start primary school, a requirement for all students. A preschool nursery in Selly Oak prepares a preschooler to learn about their world through cognitive, psychosocial, and physical development-based learning and vocal communication skills. 

Preschoolers gain an understanding of how their surroundings function through play and speech. Children will learn adequate self-expression, sharing, classroom communication, adhering to classroom regulations, good cleanliness, and naptime sleeping during their preschool nursery in Selly Oak.

They will learn a lot from a preschool nursery in Selly Oak, like basic language skills, for example, how to write their whole name, recognise all the letters of the alphabet, and trace them all. They will also learn the basics of phonics. They will learn how to discern size differences, count to 100, trace numbers 1 through 10, and do basic addition and subtraction in Maths class. Now here are a few more advantages of a preschool nursery in Selly Oak.

1. Aids Your Child’s Overall Development

Preschool nursery in Selly Oak can aid in your child's development of a sense of self and independence because it gives kids a place where they can learn appropriate classroom behaviour at an early age. After starting school, your child won't have to spend time attempting to fit in with the other students, the classroom setting, and the lessons he needs to study.

2. Learning through Various Activities

Preschools also typically contain an organised learning day with lots of varied activities, with a sizable amount of it devoted to learning. The majority of preschool nurseries in Selly Oak offer activities (including recess, naptime, and lunch). Preschools will offer additional educational chances to support early literacy skills, artistic expression, and even certain principles from maths and science.

3. Developing Skills

A good programme will include a wide range of enjoyable activities, such as singing, dancing, arts and crafts, storytelling, free play, as well as indoor and outdoor games and projects, all of which are intended to teach children various skills. Additionally, some academic fundamentals like the alphabet and counting may be taught to children. Your child will learn critical skills in school, including sharing, listening to others, cooperating with others, etc. Your youngster can learn to communicate more effectively by interacting with kids of their own age.

4. Care by Professional Childcare Practitioners 

A preschool nursery in Selly Oak will have expert childcare practitioners who are trained and certified in childcare. They may also be required to hold a degree in education or child studies. This gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your child is in the hands of experts who are familiar with their requirements and developmental stages at any age.


So, these were all the advantages of enrolling your kid in a preschool nursery in Selly Oak. Now, if you are searching for a preschool nursery in Selly Oak, then no problem, as Inglenook Nursery is just the perfect option for you. So, contact Inglenook Nursery today.

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