A Complete Guide to Choosing A Nursery in Birmingham

Date:04 Nov 2022

Preschool, commonly referred to as nursery school, is a setting where young children get early childhood education until they are old enough to enter kindergarten. If you want to enrol your children in a professional nursery in Birmingham, they must find an appropriate environment that has dedicated childcare practitioners and a structured curriculum.

A children’s nursery should have a stimulating and safe environment that helps children to learn while playing. Early years of education are important for children to learn and adopt basic life skills. Hence you must choose a nursery in Birmingham that has the required licence and accreditations. Let us discuss the aspects you must look for while choosing a children’s nursery in Birmingham.


Trained and Experienced Staff


You must ensure that the nursery has trained and experienced staff who are always ready to attend to the needs of each child enrolled at the nursery. They must be well aware of the behaviour of children as they come from different backgrounds and take some time to adjust to a new setting and people who are not their family. So, speak to the staff before sending your child and get to know how they will manage your child during their stay at the nursery.


OFSTED Certification


Make sure the nursery you select is listed with OFSTED before making your decision. (A valid certificate of insurance will be displayed with the registration certificate.) Please request a copy of the most recent OFSTED report, which provides information on the level of nursery care and education as well as the suitability of the facilities and equipment.


Well Ventilated and Child-Friendly Environment


You must look for a place that is well-ventilated and has enough natural light in the rooms as well as in the play areas. They should have child-friendly areas and child-proof furniture. For example, furniture should not have sharp edges or anything that may hurt children. So, look for a daycare nursery in Birmingham that is specially built to take care of children in their early years.


Play Area


It is proven that children learn best while playing. So, if you are looking for a day nursery in Birmingham, make sure that they have a separate outdoor play area for children of different age groups. Speak to the nursery staff about their curriculum, whether they encourage children to play and also learn things like counting steps, choosing different coloured objects, playing in groups, etc. the more play time a child gets, the more easily they can learn things.


Clean and Hygienic Environment


The nursery facility should also be clean and hygienic so that it is safe for children. The facility staff should keep the area clean and also clean the toys and other shared objects frequently to keep any infectious diseases at bay. Check out the nursery facility to assess the hygiene aspects to be sure of before sending your child to the nursery. 


The Final Wrap


If you are looking for the best daycare nursery in Birmingham, get in touch with us at Inglenook Children’s Nursery. We will give you a tour of the facility so that you get to check out our facility, speak to the staff and decide for yourself about sending your child to the nursery. Call us to know more.

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